Fresh Water Generators, Reverse Osmosis

ALIOS EVO is a proven alternative to the production of fresh water with evaporation, since there is no need for the operation of the main engine or the boiler of the vessels , thus minimizing energy consumption.

The system is able to produce reliable fresh water from the desalination of sea or brackish water and can be configured (skid or loose mounted) with variable features in order to meet any customer requirements. ALIOS EVO is equipped with the CIP system as standard to facilitate maintenance. The produced water is constantly monitored with a TDS meter.


Peripheral equipment

  • Sand filter

  • Rehardening filter

  • Electrochemical disinfection ALIOS CHLOR

  • UV disinfection system


Water Quality Services

  • Water Quality Analysis, Monitoring and Assessment

  • Legionella and Pathogen control

  • Fresh Water Piping Disinfection


Suitable for:

  • passenger

  • cargo

  • military

  • yacht

  • offshore

Due to poor control and chlorination in the shore facilities / ports and also in the ship network (including fresh water tank), the fresh water supplied on-board is not suitable for human use and consumption in many cases.

ALIOS CHLOR is a fresh water disinfection unit in compliance with MLC Legislation. It ensures access to excellent quality of drinking water. ALIOS CHLOR unit is coming to substitute the costly dosing of sodium Hypochlorite or UV lamps disinfection. In process of electrolysis the system produces chlorine to disinfect fresh water from shore bunkering or freshwater generators (evaporator or reverse osmosis units). This ensures a safe and constant amount of disinfectants.

Key Benefits:

  • Protection of the complete fresh water piping network, up to the far points

  • Easy and safe to use

  • Low energy consumption

  • Minimum maintenance

  • Economic Solution

  • Reliable and effective


According to MLC legislation, water intended for human consumption must be free of microorganisms and parasites. Such substances in numbers or concentrations constitute a potential danger to human health. The supply and use of fresh water is essential. Contaminated water can spread serious diseases to human organism such as typhoid fever, dysentery and cholera.



  • ALIOS EVO, Reverse Osmosis Fresh Water Production

  • Sand filters

  • Rehardening filters

  • UV disinfection system


Complete fresh water solutions

  • Potable water systems’ inspections

  • Water Quality Analysis , Monitoring and assessment

  • Legionella and Pathogen control

  • Fresh Water Piping Disinfection